For USB microphones, you can also try connecting the microphone to a different USB port on the computer. Older computers might have individual ports for a microphone and headphones . Identify the port using the icon next to it. If the microphone operates on battery power, make sure the batteries are correctly seated and functional. If the microphone operates on external power, make sure all power connections are secure and the power cord is connected to a power source. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

You can double-check if the recording volume is set correctly and test your microphone. Once you have checked thoroughly, save changes and exit. That’s it, Microphone test check if your microphone works. If it doesn’t, please try uninstalling your drivers and then letting Windows automatically reinstall them using Windows Update. A list of all the recording devices connected to your computer will appear.

Wait for the commands to be executed and check if you have fixed Your mic is muted by your system settings issue. Few of your web pages and browser sites consume extra GPU resources when the hardware acceleration feature is turned on. Follow the below-mentioned steps to disable this feature to fix Your mic is muted by system settings issue.

Double-click on a mic to show additional options for it. On the Levels tab, you can adjust the Microphone input volume, as well as Microphone Boost with certain devices. Otherwise, you can access it by typing control panel into the Start menu.

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By cutting off microphone access for Zoom, you’ll be ensuring that Zoom doesn’t get to listen to your private conversations even if it wishes to. It seems to be the same thing amongst all the big names. As many of you have discovered, going into the audio input settings either through Windows or Realtek’s app will result in grayed out mic controls. That’s because Realtek’s mic real mic controls are located in the audio OUTPUT settings.

  • If the problem still persists after trying out all the methods mentioned above, you will have to take your laptop to a professional.
  • If you’ve previously done that, you must return to the Device Manager and re-enable it.
  • Conversely, turn down the microphone’s volume if you appear to be speaking too loudly.

She writes guides, tutorials and tips with easy steps to help people solve annoying computer issues. Being a tech enthusiast, she enjoys exploring the latest technical trends and effective solutions to PC problems, as well as mic not working on zoom them in her writing. Jeramy Johnson opens in new tab opens in new tab opens in new tab. If you’re still having problems, let’s take a look at the settings within the app. Fresh Start will remove most of your apps, including Microsoft Office, third-party anti-virus software, and desktop apps that came pre-installed on your device. You will not be able to recover removed apps, and will need to manually reinstall these apps later.

Google Meet Error: Your Mic Is Muted by Your System Settings

This guide begins with the easy steps and moves deeper into Windows 10 if you continue to face audio issues. He’s published news, reviews, how-to guides, and op-ed pieces on websites like Digital Trends, Android Authority, Tom’s Hardware, Tom’s Guide, and Maximum PC. Read more… Uncheck Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device and click OK. Scroll down, right-click on the following services, and select Restart. Press Windows + R and use the following command to open sound settings. Similarly, if your headphone has a single port but your PC has two, you will have to plug it into the pink port to use the hardware’s microphone component.

Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. This is how you can update the driver and the issue of “mic not working on PC” is solved or not. I hope this method helps and your issue of microphone not working on Windows 10 is solved. There are various troubleshooting methods that can help you to get rid of such glitches. Although Windows 10 is quite a common operating system you can also check out some best software for your system.